Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Highlights For Adults

With Christmastime fast approaching, one tends to reflect upon times past. Family and friends would always gather during this season and it always seemed money must have grown on trees. Presents and food were endless and there were always plenty for everyone. Christmas as a child was a total highlight. There was always just something special in the air and while the presents were an obvious highlight for a kid, the smells, the company, the tree, the lights all were equally enjoyable.  Now as I have grown a few years, I wonder if all those Christmas evenings were as much of a highlight for the adults as they were for the kids.
 The world is a much different place than it was on, say, December 25th, 1987. Even our own personal family has changed so drastically, it's like leaving one sitcom for the next. I am still playing the same role but with an entirely different cast.  Perhaps I was born to be typecast. I can't complain. I'm lucky enough to be like a cat with 9 different lives. I'd say Im on life 4 now. It's a good firm solid number but who's counting?
The feeling of knowing there will be no more Christmas mornings with any of your grandparents is a tough stocking to fill, but it eventually happens to us all. Now, I'll be surrounded by different family and new friends which is great but not the same as yesterday.
With family passed away, money not where it could be, debt rising like the plague and time going by so fast its nearly impossible to keep up.....What are the Highlights for adults this Christmas season? Thankfully, we have what we have: Memories of the past, future memories to create and a stamp on those who cross paths with us. We are able to give of ourselves when there is no money for gifts or lavish celebrations. That's a highlight all adults have. Rather than drain our pockets and energy with regret that seeps in when the bills arrive in January, we can give the one thing we have and never seem to lose: ourselves. Since I'm cheap and easy anyway, I think I can afford to give myself this year.
So, there you have it.....I can't buy you a new iPad or pay one of your bills for a month, I am unable to buy you a fabulous new outfit or the latest flat screen plasma television. But, I can offer a joke, a hug and maybe even one of those awesome Hallmark greeting cards. You know you want one!
Highlights are different for everyone. You can take joy in giving to the "new kids" on the family block and watching their expressions which remind you of your own expressions as a kid during Christmas. A highlight for me as an adult is walking out of the car insurance company with a receipt saying "PAID" on it. I guess all that matters is we are still here, we may be scattered across this nation....but myself, my family and my friends are here and that's a highlight that can't be denied.

.......and for those who have was a highlight having known you and I know where you all are and that's a highlight in itself.

Here's to a peaceful Christmas season full of brand new highlights for each and every one of you. To you from me and The Ruff Side!

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