Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Ruff Side

Hello! My name is James Ruff and welcome to my brand new blog. Exciting isn't it?! Yes, my last name is Ruff which has provided me a rather interesting existence. Sure, we all have pesky irritating problems in life but I'm willing to bet that during those problems you aren't being barked at. Literally barked at. Allow me to give an example. Have you heard the one about the 32 year old man walking into a bank? That man would be me. Nothing beats attempting to make a transaction and hearing, "How are you today, Mr. Ruff? Are you having a good day or a RUFF day? Haha haha haha!". Yes, Mrs. Turnblad, that's hysterical! I haven't heard anything so funny since 1st grade! Perhaps you should give me my money before I have a RUFF time robbing you! All honesty aside, I'm proud of my name. It seems to work for me and fit in some odd yet tantalizing way.

Since you are still reading (Anyone, Anyone?), allow me to detail exactly what this blog is intended to be: A no holds barred discussion of pop culture, movies, music, politics, news, religion and anything else that may float my boat at any given moment. You should be prepared for randomness since that's the only field I actually have a degree in. It wasn't free. I paid for it, trust me. Here on The Ruff Side, anything goes. The sky is the limit, the ocean is bottomless, the mountain is high....look, I'm running out of descriptions here. Surely, you get it by now! There will be videos, music, news broadcasts, rants and raves.......well, not the raves with glowsticks but hey, anything is possible. There also may be some true life worries, family members...I'll change the names to protect the guilty. Hopefully, as time goes by, I may do video chats with friends and family and other ridiculous goodies so stay tuned! Be sure to bookmark my page and check back often. If you don't, I'll know and there's this weird old woman down the street who makes little human dolls and I just saw a coupon for half priced pins.

Feedback is always much appreciated....just be nice! Much more will be coming very soon! My name is James Ruff and welcome to Tales From The Ruff Side.

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