Monday, December 12, 2011

Will Madonna Win The Superbowl??

Come February, America will be divided on only two things: Which team they are rooting for and what type of television they will watch the "big game"on. Some will watch on their finest flat screen plasma televisions, while others will watch on great grandpa's small antenna to the sky. Whichever format used to experience all that IS the Super Bowl of 2012 really doesn't matter. What matters is the entertainment of the whole ordeal. Sure, we love to watch grown men sweat, run, tackle, observe, defend and score, which makes me wonder what the difference is between a game and real life, but I digress.

The money is in the commercials and the half time show. Its obscene at the millions of dollars spewed out of the pockets of all major corporations for a chance at a 15 second commercial during the Super Bowl. With upwards of 200 million people watching the same "show" at the same time, its more than likely worth the money. There isn't a televised event that I know of which assures you of so many eyes actually paying attention to what you are selling. Football isn't for everyone, but even non-sports lovers tune into the Super Bowl for it's ridiculously random commercials and for the ever coveted half time show.

The past few years of Half Time shows has been a mixed bag, to say the least. We had the Janet Jackson fiasco where Justin Timberlake "accidentally" tore a part of her shirt off revealing what I like to call, "a Jackson Five". It was Ms. Jackson"s breast with an odd star shape over her actual nipple....the star had five sides, thus a true "Jackson Five". That "wardrobe malfunction" cost CBS over $500,000 in fines and Janet hasn't had a hit since.

Then we had the legendary act "The Who". How can you go wrong with The Who? That's what I wondered, but shockers of shockers.....apparently 80 year olds just can't bring it like they could in their 40's. How anyone was surprised is beyond me. Let the dead sleep for God's sake!

Last year we were "treated" to a half time show from everyone's favorite vegetables, The Black Eyed Peas. I can't hate on the Peas because they seem to do rather well and are thankfully taking a much needed break from the front and center. However, there attempt at a half time show was robotic and pitchy doesn't begin to describe Fergie.....who later apologized to America for her horrible vocals.

The Half Time Show at the Super Bowl is designed to give the teams a much needed breather and the fans an extra treat as they suck down $9 hot dogs and a watered down Pepsi. The least you could ask for is a cool WOW moment.

Enter Madonna, who was recently announced as the Super Bowl Half Time performer for the 2012 Super Bowl. In my opinion, it's an odd yet interesting choice. Having seen Madonna live in concert twice, I can say she puts on a hell of a show. It's a very expensive show, visually stunning and most people know just about every word to every song. Madonna has been around for three decades.......THREE decades...crazy huh! At the age of 53 years old, she has pretty much done everything there is to do in the entertainment world.....except perform at the Super Bowl. That all changes come February 3, 2012.

The Queen of Pop"s relevence has been in question for years now. No, she doesn't hold the same appeal she did when she danced in front of burning crosses in her 1989 video for "Like A Prayer", but she has been able to miraculously stay in the forefront of pop culture much longer than most in this fast paced day and age. In my opinion, this is the perfect gig for Madonna. While she can still get a number album, a top ten single and schedule a sold out world tour bringing in tons of millions, I think this could be the opportunity to attempt to regain her throne. She needs to win back middle America....the heartland. That's a place she seems to have long forgotton and quite possibly the part of the world that stopped buying her cd's.

Madonna has to kill this performance. Super Bowl Half Time performances usually run around 12-15 minutes. She has to make her set as thrilling as the football game and not an extended bathroom break. Come February, we shall see if the supposed Queen Of Pop still has a firm grip on the throne like the players have a firm grip on the ball. I'm hoping for a win. Worse case scenario, Lady Gaga will attempt a field goal next year. Or Justin Bieber will fumble......but what else is new?

The Super Bowl is about the game, the players, the teams, the plays.............but the commericals rake in millions and the halftime show is a killer opportunity for an artist to have an insane amount of people watching. If anyone can make it worth it, Madonna could. I just wonder if she still can.

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